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I would like to extend a Thanks to TOTUS aka Donald J. trump for putting America on path to ruin in just 3 short years. With his help we have put the spotlight on the neer do well congress that has silently been rearranging our judicial system in the worst way, allowed public health and safety to be pushed aside or eliminated. A shout out to the administration for alienating our long time allies when we need them the most in combining research on the COVID 19 ( which TOTUS can spell and unable to pronounce) pandemic. A special thanks goes out for embracing and elating our long time national adversaries to a status they do not deserve. The bright light at the end of this tunnel is the year end election and the hope that the folks who did not vote last time will do so this time. A non partisan ending is “better Biden than continued ineptitude and national disgrace”. This  current administration is the “tail wagging the dog!


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