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The current administration and the adjunct Congress have brought bad government to a new low. While TOTUS spouts from his bottom half, the neer do well Congress is busily subverting the justice system. Botch McConnell is attempting put unqualified Judges in Lifetime judgeships. All of this to repay the debts he owes from well heeled contributors to his campaigns and the upper income Kentuckians. Politics has always been dirty but the past 10 years have shown that the value received by American voters from elected officials is far less than they (elected officials) try to make us believe. There have been few “honest” politicians as the system has evolved to be “what will you do for me if I support you” rather than what can we do for our country and its citizens? It is an unfortunate reality that so many voters have become “entertainment” oriented. Governing is not a game but with the advent of mass media and TOTUS some of us are viewing Governing like a game show. This “JS”* mentality is what got TOTUS in office and has allowed the Neer do well Congress to continue it’s “business as usual” ways. It is incumbent on voters to correct this imbalance by voting with an understanding of the candidate and questioning when necessary. The voice of the people needs to be loud and clear at the ballot box.

*Jerry Springer- indicating Audience members who believe the events on stage as being spontaneous.


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