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Senator Bitch McConnell has stated that the House bill on policing is dead on arrival (as he stated on “Obamacare”. If Senator McConnell is truly interested in serving the people (which his record shows he is not), there would be no statements like this coming from him. The GOP has put the one Black American (that is almost an oxymoron) Republican as lead on the Senates bill and that bill is stalled. So “Bitch” rather than truly lead  has done his due diligence in being a racist leader much like the persons illustrated in the Confederate statues and names of military bases. The GOP is politicking against the interests of the American people that they so readily cite with no basis in fact. We are in an era (and have been) where the politicians  “give” the people their opinion instead of the people giving the elected politicians theirs (and those opinions have value). It should be clear to anyone of voting age or having the ability to read that our current system of government needs to be free of party politics period! I would suggest we as people move to an apolitical system where the opinions of a particular group does not hold sway over our own opinions. Currently the politicians we elect are not on our side and probably never will be if we as voters do not exercise the vote to remove them when they fail. The onus has always been on the voters and we abdicate responsibility that out of laziness and lack of information (real information).


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