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The Senate and the House have both put forth bills on Policing and aside from some sticking points, the bills are almost the same. The sticking points are below:

The GOP bill would try to incentivize police departments to largely do away with chokeholds by conditioning Justice Department money on restricting the practice. In addition, the legislation would collect data on the use of no-knock warrants, which allow police to enter a property without first knocking and announcing their presence.

While the Democratic bill would create a national registry for complaints and disciplinary records of officers and also require reporting on use-of-force incidents, the GOP measure would collect data only when police officers use force that results in serious injury or death.

It is not surprising since “Bitch”McConnell  has had a  tight rein on the Senate and advancing “his “agenda. His agenda is to line his pockets and those of his upper income donors and pals. If the Congress were to be true to the “American People” they so often cite then why  is TOTUS issuing executive orders at random that have no reason to exist and go unchallenged by the people we (the American People) have elected to protect us against “frivolous laws  and actions” that go against our (the American People) interests. It is clear that as voters we need to abandon our reliance on political parties and vote for people then be willing to oust them when needed. We the “American People” are the “term Limits” on who serves. We have now an opportunity in November to make major changes in government. Learn and vote intelligently and we stand a chance.


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