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Apparently (and blatantly) it is OK to release criminals into the public so that they can continue their evil ways. We are experiencing an unprecedented abuse of power from a Leader(?) whose sole ability is lying. This exaggerator who cannot approach the truth with an Army in front of him continues to ply his trade in pursuit of his own nihilistic legacy. There is no redemption in this action and we all will pay for it. Our ( the voters) chip in the game is our vote and we need to remove the stain of this administration as quickly as possible. If possible I would back up a semi (or several) to rear door of the White House and outfit it with rows of handcuffs for the members of this administration. There are no other words for the actions of this administration other than criminal and racist.


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  1. Might I add “Treasonous”?


  2. Yes you may


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