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Bathroom fans: I recently had to replace a bathroom fan. Normally this is fairly simple if you are swapping out a fan of the same or similar size. The complications are putting in a smaller or larger unit and it has separate wiring for a light. I am a firm believer of saving receipts for items like this as most if not all manufactures have warranties ranging from 1 year to 3 years. The unit I just replaced was from Delta Breeze which has a 3 year warranty. I contacted the company and supplied the required numbers (serial and model). I would recommend recording these numbers on the installation instruction sheet or booklet that comes with the unit.

This company’s system of assembly is so simple. Since the fan is usually what fails and my history in replacing them brings memories and groans, I was pleasantly surprised when the fan alone arrived along with a new cover. The fan is mounted with 4 screws and can only be mounted one way. Once mounted you plug the fan in and you are done. I would always recommend  shutting the power off when doing any electrical work. The next thing I would recommend is using the guide to fan size with a grain of salt. The rule is measure the room and purchase the fan that covers that area, I would recommend instead purchase the next size up. Many times we get side tracked by the noise levels but consider this, when in use the shower is also going so in my opinion the noise level standard is moot.

Fans with lights: some fans with lights are easier to maintain when the bulb burns out and are hard to replace so be cautious when making this purchase. Use LED bulbs instead of standard incandescent.

Clean fans regularly, I found that a kitchen brush damped with plan water works good, brush the blades downward, then vacuum.

If you purchase a fan with separate switch then you may have to rewire to have enough leads for the separate switch to function.

Do not have the fan going when using hairspray or any aerosol (this goes right onto the blades).

In summary: Buy the next size up from the recommended area coverage, do not get hung up on the noise. Look care fully at the fans with lights as some difficult to deal with when the bulb needs to changed or cleaned.


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    Great advice Mike! Thank you. Like the reminder to write all info on warranty,numbers etc. 😊 have a great day!


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