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Over the years our politics have ebbed and flowed with some regularity. It is as if the wind changes and politics follows. It is unfortunate we as voters have abandoned the art of reading about candidates and what they have done or are currently doing. Mass media has made us mentally lazy and reliant on imagery that belies the truth. Now, in skulks Donald Trump ,a lackluster media figure with dubious business acumen. The United States apparently has (and perhaps still hasn’t) never really gotten over the Civil War (War Between The States) and it’s aftermath. The lack of education for freed people (which was deliberate) allowed for the appropriation of the “40 acres and a mule” afforded to Black Americans, denial of voting rights and living wages. These economic and civil freedoms had been denied before the conflict and continued until even now under the same umbrella of Racism. Too many Americans have been fed the poison of “White Privilege” directly or subliminally to the detriment of us all. The recent protests have been exacerbated by a neer do well Congress and an adept conman with no redeeming qualities. WE as a nation have allowed ourselves to be subverted by the baser elements of humanity.

Our lack of engagement in the political system by “rote” voting has given us long term politicians who have grown accustomed to being re elected based on promises to be broken. The current unrest across the nation over a pandemic that has been and still is in essence “promoted” by the poor leadership of the White House Con machine. In the shadows of this pandemic are the personal agendas of  Cabinet ministers who for the most part are unsuited for the positions they hold. All of this has been tacitly agreed to by us the Voters by ignoring the facts of each elected official’s failures and not bringing them to account. Revolutions take many forms and we need to revolt in the upcoming election. WE ALONE CAN FIX IT!


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