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In this upcoming election it appears that all stops are out. TOTUS, aka Donald J. Trump, “45” and several other sobriquets has failed at the Presidency as he has failed in previous ventures (and marriages). I was listening today to a member of the Evangelical community who sang the praises of the work TOTUS has performed for their cause. It is just another initiative per DJT’s playbook of promising and beginning but not finishing. It is the prerogative of any person, group or sect to want particular issues addressed however many of this factions fail to look at  the effects on others due to their initiatives. Just one example: abortion- this is a personal decision no matter what anyone says. The reasons for this procedure varies but in the end stopping this procedure could result in an unwanted and potentially an abused child or an orphan (who the public pays for). Sanctions on Countries whose beliefs are different causing more stress on their population who then flee to other countries and cause stress on their resources and populations. The changes to border policies using lies and subterfuge which exacerbate  already bad situations. This administration has caused chaos world wide due the ineptitude and ignorance of a consummate liar and conman. TOTUS’s poor judgement and leadership is a direct link to the current Pandemic and economic down turn and he has no ability to turn it around because it may “make him look bad”. TOTUS is and has engaged in rhetoric and unseemly actions that cure no ills but certainly creates the chaos he loves.


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