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Did he deserve a first term and is he deserving of a second? America first means what best for ALL of us not just the so called Elites who have gained immeasurably from TOTUS’s administration. Remember the “TAX REFORM” which benefitted only the well off and that TOTUS’ was and is abetted by a neer do well Congress. MA.

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for July 26, 2020 Clay Bennett Comic Strip for July 26, 2020 Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for July 26, 2020


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  1. We love Trump


    • That is your decision but remember what benefits some should benefit ALL!- America is one nation under God not TOTUS!


      • Other. Bush, Clinton. Sold America. Trump is doing to rise America. There os something more behind. I think Trump is doing good job


      • I really respect your observation but unfortunately I believe you do not have a full and complete knowledge of what these other Presidents did at the time and this is not to say they did not make mistakes but this administration whether you can see it or want to acknowledge it is concerned with the advancement of policies that adversely affect anyone considered middle class or lower. A prime example : Tax Reform, if you take some time and actually research the effects of this on the middle to lower class Americans, you may take a different view.


      • Belive no politics care about poor people

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  2. Now you get it.


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