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The Unemployment Stimulus makes people not want to return to work? GOP members again have no idea of who their constituents are unless they happen to be big money donors. They no matter what they publicly voice, are still dividing the majority of Americans with RACIAL and class  dog whistles. No matter which party you associate yourself with and the subsect therein, it is wise to consider the reality that all legislation affects you and your family somehow. These effects my not be direct but they do affect you. The GOP touts conservative values which means merely that they want to pass legislation to control your tax dollars and  will use those tax dollars against your interests while uplifting their big money donors. This also entails installing “their” judges to lifetime positions that will alter decisions that often go against the interests of most Americans while benefitting their donors and thereby their personal interests. Do not not mistake the Liberal agendas of the  Dems for all good as they have their own pipers to pay with our tax dollars too. If a piece of legislation would mandate the death penalty for spitting on the sidewalk and you were the perpetrator how would you feel? This is of course absurd (or is it?) but many people of color suffered the fate of the rope and worse for walking on the side walk and not getting off of it when someone White comes along. This by the way was just one of the means of “obtaining” the promised “40 acres and a mule” after the civil war which for the most part ended up being another “slave job” for people of color. All of that being said : “suppose it were you?”  Back to the real subject of what we need to do to reclaim the rights of voting and having a voice in government. First and foremost- do not fall into the familiar  trap of political rhetoric that promises everything and delivers nothing! As a voter we all need to “vet” the person who is seeking our support at the ballot box even if they are now in office and seeking to remain there. The process for vetting is: read and view several sources of information and learn to recognize “B.S”. Just remember the truth is always the truth and does not change while lies shift in seconds.


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