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A case can be easily made for the idea that this is the most divided administration and Congress since? With the advent of TOTUS, it appears that GOP  (aka Trump) party loyalty is more important than representing all of the people in their respective districts. It is particularly evident in the GOP (save a few). Rather than act in the interest of  their districts these folks have sided with the miscreant administration against the interests of the people  who voted for them. The rampant self service of this Congress is a disgrace and an affront to the population of the United States. It is sad  that we have an administration that is essentially a criminal enterprise abetted by the same people who persuaded us to vote for them with the promise of good government. The actions over the past 3 plus years by this administration have shown how little our representatives care about the voters no matter what they state in public. The crime is that these representatives elected by the people based on what they promised never intended to fulfil any of the promises made during the run for office. Not all voters are liberal, conservative or any other labels, what we have have is a diverse population with  many opinions and beliefs. Unfortunately some of us in frustration fall into the vacuum of  “label” space. Bear in mind that facts are always facts and only change when proven false.


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