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It is unfortunate that we have an administration whose sole claim to fame is disingenuousness and deceit. The drama that surrounds this administration is palpable yet so many American voters are enthralled with every issuance from the Titular head and the many minions that surround him. Is it possible that the followers are just unaware that most if not all actions from this administration will affect the entire nation now and later? This administration has had a revolving door policy as far as Cabinet members , department heads and even justice department members. This does not make for a cohesive national policy. This is proven by the fact that even now we have no national policy on a pandemic that has ravaged the economy and the health of millions. Now along with that is the idea that the post office is unsafe to use as a conveyance for our mail. It appears that this President first has no idea how to do the job and cannot be “coached” on how to do it. He has hired people who are totally unqualified to do their jobs but have them because they are “loyal” to him. His loyalty to the voters of America does not exist no matter the nattering’s that emerge from TOTUS and his minions. It is unfortunate that so many voters fail to see the failings of this administration and the long range effects it will have on ALL of us. Recently the head of the Justice department (our Attorney General) has taken up a personal case on the President’s behalf and we may be paying for it (kind of like Mexico paying for a wall)


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