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During this pandemic and now the western fires our Neer do well Congress has been working(?) on relief funding for job losses, healthcare and small business assistance. While millions of American voters are without employment due to business closings and restricted movement, I am wondering why Congress and the administration are still being paid. These idiots are not suffering food scarcity, lack of residency and healthcare but they are toying with the relief that is sorely needed because they are concerned about the deficit. The need now is to preserve the lives and well being of the voters at any cost. Once this pandemic is contained and people go back to work with a place tp live, the deficit will begin to correct. This correction will take years but people will be safe and healthy and therefore able to work and produce (example post WWII). It is a travesty that this Congress and administration are no more than high profile “snake oil salesmen” who if we as voters do not step up will continue their dishonest ways. We (voters) have an opportunity to begin a correction in November. No matter your party , we need to remove the current neer do wells in Congress and the Whitehouse so we can begin the repair process. it is well to remember that we the people are the term limits for Congress and the President. No amount of rhetoric and rally’s can justify keeping these poor performers in office.


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