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The recent passing of Judicial Icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg has prompted “Botch” McConnell to push for a replacement before the election as a personal deal (not what’s good for the country). The current White House resident is pushing for his own gain, he doesn’t care about the court or the country. His objective is and always has been about him and his image (as he sees it). Do we want another four years of potential pandemic and economic downturn? Remember the “tax reform” reformed the tax laws for the top 1% not the under $250,000.00 earners. The current Congress again is looking to keep the power but not for us (the voters). It is important that people get out and vote, not voting because your particular issue is not being addressed is at once giving up your power and allowing the very things you don’t like to happen. You don’t have a scoring opportunity if you are not in the game.


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