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Apparently we no longer have a voice in government as Botch McConnell is seeking to again subvert the power of the people regarding the appointment of a new Justice. If this Congress appoints anther Conservative Justice we will be going down a rabbit hole that will have long range effects on our lives for years to come. Some instances that will be affected:

Healthcare-roll back of the ACA

Women’s’ health




The current Congress with Botch McConnell as head of the Senate is as criminally complicit as TOTUS is and has been prior to be elected. We are now looking at the inmates taking over the jail, while the warden sleeps. Unless we as voters vote smart we will be in a deep recession that makes the WWII deficit look small. The current administrators of this country have no regard for the end result of this and 4 years of TOTUS and Mitch McConnell will be a hole that will take years to get out of. A pointed example of this current administration’s failure-‘the pandemic”. Do you want a Leader(?) who ignored an opportunity to be greater by dismissing the corona virus and not taking on the issue, which could have saved thousands of lives. In the light of subsequent events ignored medical experts on how to deal with the Virus, offered erroneous information on the medical efficacy of unproven medicines. Used allocated funds from various agencies to build an unnecessary wall. This is just some of the actions we know of yet nowhere near what has occurred without our knowledge or approval. You may wonder how do we approve or disapprove?- VOTE!


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