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It should be clear now that we have a con man masquerading a the POTUS. This con has encompassed the Judicial and Legislative branches. The executive branch was lost on day one (1) in 2017. The phrase: ” promises made promise kept” was and is just another catch phrase used by a consummate liar and con man. TOTUS has assembled a cadre of followers to do his bidding and to propagate his web of falsehoods to spread over his loyal base. The recent “debate” showed how inept TOTUS is at his job but how great he is at the “con”. It is unclear to me how so many “loyal followers” fail to comprehend their duplicity in the con along with the GOP. It must be understood that the GOP is using the big con to run the smaller con of lining their pockets now and for later. We (voters) have the opportunity to remove this cancerous administration in about 30days. While we may have issues with the opposition, it is a much better choice than what we currently have.


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