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Apparently the real truth is emerging or perhaps has emerged. The GOP seems to be set on reducing the population of the United States starting with the least of us (lower income and people of color). It should be considered that no one in the administration or Congress have lost a cent of wages during this pandemic while restricting funding for the millions affected by the pandemic. To be clear the funds that keep the Government running is all taxpayers dollars. There is no magic pot of gold sup[plying these funds. The way it works: the individuals, corporations and States pay money to the Federal government in the form of taxes. This money is then allocated to the various departments of the Government to finance the country’s needs (i.e. Military, park service, Congress, justice department etc.). So how is that Congress can dictate the usage while still getting paid and the providers of these funds cannot receive the benefits? There is no better reason for electing to terminate the job of any Congressional member and Executive branch member rather than voting by rote because it’s easier or simpler. As voters we need to abandon being entertained rather than being informed by the people we elect to serve. It is a clear message as to the direction we (voters) need to go when major backers of a party have formed independent groups to place ads against the sitting President and his abettors in Congress. The real power is in the vote by informed voters not in entertainment or single issues.


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