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TOTUS’ unwillingness to concede the election has left the country in a vulnerable position at home and aboard. The transition is not taking place and the administration is blind to existential threats. The pandemic is still uncontrolled and the government is in free fall. This blatant and not unexpected resistance to making this transition is indicative of TOTUS’s lack of ability to govern. In my opinion TOTUS (Trump) is directly responsible for each and every death due to the Corona virus which he denied existed and continued to downplay on twitter and at rallies with no masking or distancing. In the same vein of his administration he has denied the virus’s scope and danger. He has stated the progress on a vaccine multiple times with no facts to back his claims. His ” bout” with the virus could very well have been yet another falsehood abet his re election bid. Now that it is proven that he has lost his reelection bid, he is stalling the transition of the President elect and at the same time condemning more voter’s (including his followers) to exposure and possibly death. This should be a time when voters unite no matter their beliefs to get a handle on this disease. The GOP in general has failed to do the job they were elected to do for fear of the TOTUS who is on the way out and leaving a wake of failed governance causing harm to the country and the voters whom they are supposed to represent. Reject the proven stream of lies from TOTUS and we may all just survive his Miscreancy and Covid19 .


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