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After all of ( or most) of the post election idiocy it is now time to address the multiple elephants in the Congress. We as voters need to pay attention to the members who are still engaged in actions that belie their mandate to follow the Constitution. Former President Trump at this point has the minds and souls of some Congressional members. Right now some of those members are campaigning to unseat members of Congress who are in favor of impeaching former President Trump so he cannot run for office again. It is well to remember that the past 4 years under TOTUS has done us more harm than good. The “normal” dislike of Government has become hate to the state of anarchy but somehow the exciter in chief is coming out “clean” when in fact he has instigated and orchestrated more unrest than the Civil War and the 100 plus years after. It is bad enough that we have never fully progressed from post reconstruction but to endure what DJT did and for a another potential run for President is too much to bear and we shouldn’t have to. We (voters) need to look carefully at these “Trump pursuers” before re electing them. We should if possible remove them from the Congress as they will not change and will not advance the cause of the people. There will not be and never has before been any legislation enacted by Congress that pleased all American voters but we have the ability to change the makeup of our legislature when we feel we have to. Our sole purpose in voting is to elect the best people to represent us and we have not done a very good job in the last 50 to possible 100 years. There will never be a perfect “Union” as envisioned by the framers but there can be a better one than we have but only if
We the people” use our intelligence to vet and vote for people who are looking forward for us ALL!



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