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What concerns me and it should concern you also is the “hypocrisy” of our elected officials and how it affects our lives. This impeachment trial is one sided however it is something that should be done to protect the Democracy. Instead it has become a tit for tat game where our elected representatives bring up old news to support their ideas. Each side may have some merit in what they present but what does it do for us, The voters? I have found it hard to trust any of them as they do not for the most part truly represent any of us (voters) in the manner they proport to. The election of Trump supporters who still carry on unfounded and disproven ideas to the Congress is troubling but even more concerning is the fact that the GOP (Dupublican) members aren’t concerned with this purveyor of Trumpian tropes. It is unfortunate that many Americans have become what I call JSP’s (no offense: JERRY SPRINGER PEOPLE). The reason is that this show no matter how entertaining is staged for entertainment more than information. The same can be said for the daily “soaps” enjoyed by many. This devotion to entertainment and misleading politics show the sad state of our Politics and the nefariousness of the Hawkers of this misinformation for political gain. Our purpose as voters should and needs to be a demand for more honesty (if possible) in politics along with our own “VETTING” of people seeking election to Government service on our behalf. It is well to remember that as it should be that the two middle letters in poLItician is “LI” and too many spin the truth to gain access to government seats. That lead to long term poor performance for us and a well paid career for them. This concerns me and should concern you too!



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