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It is unfortunate that many Americans have for many years fail to see the hypocrisy of our elected officials. It is easy to read and hear about rights that affect “others” when it’s thought that it does not “Directly” affect them. Unfortunately those hypocrisies DO affect them now and later. It is worth an effort to pay attention to these activities as they could be the next recipient of those actions directly or indirectly. Recent election laws in several “red” states harkens back to the pre civil war years and the Jim Crow era. It is the power of the vote that drives the government not the arcane laws reimagined in this era of miscreant legislators from the state to federal levels of government. Looking at the GOP as it stands now, there are rifts that threaten to divide the party in a way that will cripple the pragmatic and reasonable sector of the party (this is also true for the Dems). The power of government is in the hands of the voters if we will use it in an informed manner. The rhetoric from the media talking heads is designed to get eyes and ears on their networks. Their messages are no more than sensationalism at its worst stage. Sensationalism is not fact and facts will always remain the same while lies, innuendo and speculation change by the second. For years politicians and media darlings have used “alternate facts” to persuade listeners and viewer to accept and follow their messages. If we truly want to have good government we need to spend less time on platforms that promote misinformation and more time on platforms that just present information without “spin”. At this moment we have an opportunity to come back to reality if we eschew the loud and angry and accept the calm and collected.


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