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The GOP has made a big push to restrict voting in numerous states after the national hew and cry of “voter fraud” by the former guy (who as we know as a consummate liar. The GOP (aka) “Dupublicans” has convinced themselves and their followers that the election was stolen even after 50 plus court challenges and 3 or more recounts that proved them wrong. The 15th amendment of the United States Constitution is quite clear about voting rights and is bolstered by the 1965 voting rights law. The GOP is making perhaps a fatal (to them) attempt to return to “Jim Crow” style voting laws. The GOP is floundering and looking for a way to right their ship after being scuttled by TOTUS and their own hubris. What has been revealed is that the party of Lincoln is no more and has been replaced by the party of “James Crow”. Fortunately the American pubic is not fooled by these court jesters who were elected based on the lies of a miscreant former President whose own lot is playing out in several civilian courts. This is not to discount the failures of the DEM’s aka “Scamocrats” who have in as many ways abrogated their duties to the Country as well. As a country that has been a stable force in the known world for decades we have sadly allowed our miscreant political parties to be pawns by sectarian forces that mirror the early settlers who in the name of religious “right” caused great harm to Native peoples, avowed slavery (because they wanted to or just wanted to profit off the backs of kidnapped people). While the founding Fathers certainly had good intentions in creating a new country yet they did not think in the universal terms of the heady mix of people who populated this new country. We have witnessed in the last 4 years the underlying effect of poor to no governance (of substance) over many years. The “former guy” exploited the anger of America while lining the pockets of the wealthy and lying about “everything”. All of this was aided and abetted by the miscreant Congressional members whose sole purpose (it appears) is to cater to big money donors and their own bank accounts. These politicians have in many cases lulled their constituents into a sense of them against us when in reality it is actually us against us. It is time (or long past) for the voters of America to understand that we have elected Politicians (notice that the the 2 middle letters spell “LI”- “lie”) who have shown us to be beholding to the almighty dollar rather than the almighty voter!



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