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The modern political system has devolved into systemic power brokering and self interest. The electeds have put party interests and backing over service to the voters and the country. Voters have ONE job, vet anyone running for office, the first time or for retention. Billions of dollars are spent to gain or retain an office that pays under 200 thousand dollars annually yet the people we elected leave the job millionaires and sometimes Billionaires. How does this happen? The cause is that the morals and ethics of the people we elect being bought by financial entities with agendas that which impact ALL citizens no matter their social status. An ironic comparative comes to mind when thinking about this. In 1933 Adolph Hitler came to power and proceeded to dominate the country while building a war machine to take over the world. In 2016 Donald J. Trump won the presidential election and proceeded to act in similar ways as Hitler with the backing of the “new” GOP which is powered by the ultra conservative “right”. Now we have a GOP that denies the attack on the capital much like the “former Guy” while slow walking to snail pacing legislation that is designed to put the country back on track financially and health wise. The GOP is concerned as they say that the deficit is ballooning to non viable limits. The economic community has shown time after time that this is not true. Each time a reasonable and rational solution is offered the TGOP (TOTUS Party) spews more disinformation which by the way has created more harm to the public and slowed the control of the current pandemic. There is no way to overcome this other than listening to the experts and paying particular attention to the loudest government voices (which are often less than truthful).

Clay Bennett Comic Strip for July 27, 2021

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