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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

There is no partisanship when elected officials disrespect the office for their personal gain, not for the country and the voters who put them in office. The GOP which we can call the party of TOTUS since he has such a large influence over what they do or don’t do. Looking at what has occurred since the election: TOTUS encouraged his followers to take over the capital to stop the certification of a legal election. The GOP initially was appalled but now that they fear the wrath of TOTUs and the possibility of mid term election outcomes. Their focus now has been to build on the “big lie” by a multitude of little lies like the Jan 6th insurrection that the GOP classified as a group of “tourists”. During that “tourist visit” 4 people died and many others injured. While this tourist visit was occurring the Congressional members were spirited to the safe areas of the capital yet these members of the TOTUS GOP now want to ignore the facts that we (the voters) saw with our own eyes and would like us to believe we did not see what we saw. Meanwhile self serving Bitch McConnell is busily obstructing any agenda the current administration has but offering nothing in it’s stead. It is the purview of the voters to correct this mess by voting intelligently and not by rote. Each person we elect to any office from municipal to Federal needs to be vetted by us and we can only do that by paying attention to what’s said and knowing what the facts are.


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