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It is interesting that the GOP unites no matter the issue. It’s all about power, their unity can be likened to a portion of the marriage vow “for better or worse”. Looking at the past 4 years, most GOP members voted for or supported  most if not all of TOTUS’s policies while installing their own. They also installed GOP leaning conservative judges to Federal courts (we have seen the results of those appointments). Many of those actions have not been good for the voters but the voters have been distracted by “shiny objects” that belie the real substance of those actions whose real purpose and realities may not emerge immediately but will last a long time and not for the good of the country. Now that the DEMS have moderate control, they can’t seem to do the same. This may not good or bad but effective for the GOP as they have fodder for the upcoming elections. The DEMS subsects  appear to have the goals in mind but can’t seem to unite long enough to get the job done. At some point it becomes “s**t of get off the pot”. With the pandemic potentially in the rear view mirror, the DEMS are still twisting themselves in the wind. They are essentially setting themselves up for failure. It is well to remember that the GOP is still attempting to hang the failures of the former guy and by extension their failures on the current administration all to gather support for the next election cycle. No matter what liars still lie as stated before the two middle letters in the word POLITICIAN spell “lie”!


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