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Combined conservative salary for Congress is 94,161,000.00 annually. Taxpayers get little value from 535 talking heads whose sole objective is to stay in office until retirement while doing as little as possible and making idiotic statements and playing politics. Our task is to stop retaining them time after time. Many of us (voters) fail to realize that we can get rid of them anytime by voting for someone else. In these times we are too divided to see the power we have to achieve better representation. This divide is what the politicians want and need to continue their nefarious ways. You can be sure that when confronted these tongue waggers will almost never answer a direct question, their main defense is deflection with a smile. There are a few members who can and most of the time tell the truth or their truth but most follow party lines in order to remain in office with the support of the party. When we (voters) stop buying into the established Racial stereotypes and understand that we (the voters) have the power to get and demand proper government no matter the race, religion or gender is when we will begin to get the government we deserve and is insured by the constitution (which is only 4 pages long, amendments add 19 more pages) long a under read and understood document. The past four years of a wannabe dictator should be enough to unite us all to consider who we vote for and which group is really working for us no matter their errant ways.


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