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With the midterms coming poLIticians are all looking to gain control of Congress, one one side it may not be so bad, on another side we may descend into the type of chaos that preceded the “war Between the States”. The recent machinations of Botch and Kevin along with others are a warning sign of what could be. A historic lookback: Germany 1933 where revolt was based on what particular people of color and ethnicity were “reported” to do, had done and will do. This is the “Trump effect”, using bias as fact to achieve a goal. The GOP unfortunately has hitched their wagon to this horse in the hope of gaining control of the government from top to bottom. If we as voters do not pay attention any progress made so far (even with the missteps) will be gone. we should remember that the GOP raised the debt ceiling several times to accommodate the prior administration with no movement on physical infrastructure and added approx. 7Bn dollars to the national debt due to the “tax Reform” which benefitted the top earners and increased the tax burden on the rest of us. Add to that the stream of lies about the upsurge of Covid and unproven or vetted cures as opposed to the eventual vaccines we currently use. With all of last years anti vax rhetoric we lost 700,000 citizens due to misinformation that’s more lives lost than in the Civil War. It is unfortunate that poLIticians have become so callous in their actions as to deny the basic needs of ALL American Taxpayers no matter the race, religion or ethnicity. Our option is the vote where we can attempt to install better representation.


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