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Apparently, the GOP is more concerned with elections than supporting our European allies and partners from Russian dominance. Botch McConnell has stated that President Biden acted too slow and not forcibly enough with sanctions on Russia. This is from a man whose sole purpose in Congress is to be in power and all for himself. Now there are several other GOP members who if they were working for their constituents would be supporting the President in his action on Russia as all of the actions taken by Russia affects everyone else at some point. Mr. Biden stepped into ankle deep problems when taking office and the GOP has allowed other things to happen by being unconscionably loyal to the former guy. The job of president is extremely difficult which is why the former guy could not do it except badly much like he runs his business. You would think the Congress would want their constituents to prosper but apparently, they don’t and continue to lie on live on right wing TV and podcasts. We (voters) need to become more informed about what is occurring around the United States and the world as it all affects us even if we do not live in those areas. The General political arena has never been particularly honest or faithful for that matter but “neo” politics are downright dishonest and untrustworthy. Now the lie has become fact (in some minds) along the lines of the “Great propagandist” Joseph Goebbels who mastered the art of lying just by lying over and over again. This is evident now in Ukraine as evoked by Mr. Putin and in our last election by Donald J. Trump and “his” Republican party. It is unfortunate that these times mirror the worst of the 1950’s Joe McCarthy hearings with a communist behind every door and the Reconstruction era when the South continued the civil war in the shadows with the suppression of voting rights for nonwhites and limiting educational and job opportunities, keeping poor folks living below the poverty line. It would have been theoretically inconceivable after WWll for the United States to become what we are now but unfortunately; we are where we are because we the people are susceptible to mass media which have lying as a monetizing model. So many of us have been duped by our own anger, the high-profile celebrity media presenters and indeed our long serving Congressional members who have their own wellbeing as a top priority. As voters our sole objective is to be informed and not distracted by “shiny objects” disguising half facts and outright lies. Answer the question of: “what do you believe? Facts or a nice sounding lie that goes against your personal interests.


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