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The neer do while Congress again shows why we need to stop voting by rote. When TOTUS was in office(?) among his many irrational actions, he attempted to coerce Ukraine to spend time finding or manufacturing dirt on Joe Biden’s son. When that did not happen, he abandoned Ukraine’s needs for assistance (forward to now). The then in power GOP refused to impeach him for malfeasance much like they did when he created the feeding ground for the capital insurrection. Now the GOP in pursuit of control of the Congress has pointedly refused to do the job they were elected to do which is “serve the people”. They have fought against progress since before Bill Clinton and they continue by flat out lying about anything the Democrats do or want to do. Neither party is especially wonderful as a whole but in individual case some of them almost have integrity. We voters have the task of voting for the best people, but we have to ignore the hype and falsehoods the flow like gushers from mass media. Finding the “best” people is difficult but not impossible, remember Lies are like spoiled fish-they stink, and their eyes are sunken in!


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