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WE have always been led to believe that the people we elect to office are good folks and will act in good faith on our behalf. The truth is that throughout the years (200 plus) we have had good and bad representation. During the 1800’s the bad fomented a divisive war that still resonates today only not by firearms. The Recent laws that regulate voting with rules that make voting difficult for primarily people of color, much like the post-Civil war period up to the 1960’s. If we as voters do not pay attention to the rhetoric that is so pervasive in our public discourse, we will again be on the brink of a civil war that will not benefit any of us and potentially relegate all of the great things accomplished to the historical trash heap. The Unted States has long been seen as champions of the people by most of the world however many countries also recognize that we belie our championship by the actions we take on our own people e.g., abortion rights, criminal justice, civil rights to name a few. President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex and how it could be detrimental to the country, our so-called honorable members of Congress ignored that advice and continued their malfeasance while lying to our faces each election cycle. If we just look back at former President’s “reign” we will see that his historically bad actions were tacitly condoned by one major party while they selected Judicial members that served their needs. At best we have 535 seat fillers who appear to have our back but just say whatever it takes to remain in office until they can comfortably retire.

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