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Daily Archives: May 13th, 2022

Autocrats, dictators, people in power all seem to tell us that what they are doing to us is for our own good and somehow many of us believe it. If we are paying attention, we can see what the GOP is doing and saying the same thing while enacting repressive laws on voting, reproduction and installing “their choice of judges” while stopping passage of infrastructure legislation. Is this for our own good? The current GOP is almost a mirror image of the1850’s political group then called southern Democrats or Dixiecrats. The times have changed but the issues and activities are the same. The basis of the party is to control government and make laws that benefit big business and thereby benefit themselves. These activities do not and have not benefitted the voters (all voters pro and con), too many voters fail to understand that following someone who promotes falsehoods disguised as facts amounts to abdicating your rights as a citizen. A casual glance around the world should show how people in power will lie to your face while continuing their nefarious deeds “on your behalf”. A shining example is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, this was done “in the best interests of Ukraine” no matter how many Ukrainians died and how devastated the landscape become. This is what is quietly done when the party of the “right” is in power with no checks from the left and center. It is unfortunate that the United States has entered a stage where “Civil War” is possible especially since the effects of the last one is still with us.



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