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The GOP’s unconscionable resistance to any commonsense measures on what is good for the oft cited American people has risen to new lows. To gain control of federal legislation the GOP has and continues to lie, subvert while smiling in the faces of Americans who are suffering tragedies. This GOP is comprised of the same types of Republicans whose mindset put us into a civil war. It is my belief that save a few this GOP is beyond redemption. All of this aided and abetted by radical news sources, the likes of which have not been seen in decades. Why has the GOP not seen fit to condemn the raft of mass shootings across the country? It can’t be just the NRA donations so there are more ominous factions in play. The bottom line here appears to be how much money can be made by allying with big business whether you agree with them or not. The cure is the vote and until voters ignore the hype and BS spouted by Congressional members, the radical media whether left or right we will continue to be supplied with the poison fruit of pay to play politicians. Lest we forget, a war was fought over the same issues. America will never be free unless all are free and our federal legislators are working to maintain the status quo where they have the keys to the kingdom aka our Democracy!


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