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“While listening to NPR, several knowledgeable people were assessing the turmoil in the near and mid east, it appears that contrary to popular belief – The members of the  Islamic State” are terrorists under different name. These folks are no better than thugs and criminals in any other country. Now to get to some  related items: What is wrong with the aspiring candidates for the presidency in their under or uninformed ideas of how foreign policy and foreign warfare should be conducted? One stated that we should bomb the insurgents in to oblivion! First it’s been tried (Vietnam, Afghanistan and other places), second the people who suffer the most are the people we purport to be assisting as the “enemy lives among them  and uses the bombings as propaganda against us. The issuing of unfounded statements  is not only irresponsible but inflammatory and aids (if not reinforcing) the enemy’s policies. These statements allow for interpretation of a country (USA) that is divided and unreliable. Free speech is a great asset  if used  with real facts , no innuendo or disingenuousness. It is unfortunate that in essence we have become used to “yellow journalism”, carefully worded news and omission laden speeches. There was a time when we could trust the news while  the networks provided  shows, movies  and  entertainment. What we have now is “entertainment news” that runs for hours on end with the same content delivered with each presenters spin while keeping the company’s owners basic ideals(?).  The middle east has been in turmoil for centuries under one faction or another yet it survives-not according to Euro or American standards but the standards of the area. It is surely reasonable that the area could use some help but the right kind of help. It is possible that the help we have provided is not the help that is needed in today’s world. WE have allowed a Foreign Politician to conduct his campaign in our Congress further exacerbating an already rocky relationship in the region. It is incumbent on the American people to have a real understanding of  the events in the world that affect us now and will certainly affect us later. I am suggesting that we listen to news on events with an ear to call  B— S—! when we hear it and write or call the presenter on it. Do not be entertained by so called on air news, simply laugh and search for the truth on your own or in many of the online venues available. We are already at a disadvantage due to our 535 seat fillers who are always looking at the next election and how they can help their backers (not constituents),  enhance their own image and status.

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