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Former vice President Dick Cheney has stated that Mr. Obama is the worst president since President Carter. This coming from a man whose company Halliburton was involved in the loss and misuse of Billions of US dollars in Libya and other parts of the middle east and was OK with expensive search for the WMD’s of fable and fantasy. This is again from a man who shot his own attorney while hunting (orange vest not withstanding). “Let those who are without sin cast the first stone”. The desperation of the Romney side is as insidious as any so called WMDs if they existed. I am surprised that anyone could believe a man who while the second top executive managed to rook the American public of Billions of dollars under the guise of abstention from a company he was deeply entrenched in. If this is a key spokesman for the Dupublicans, we are in big trouble. I am outraged that this was aired at all. We certainly had our fill of politicians who forgot or never intended to do what we hired them for, now we have an ex politician who did nothing more than sock it to us during and after his term of no service. Perhaps we need to hire some mobsters then we know what they will do- no offense to the mobsters.

-Read the Ediot-

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