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The latest campaign issue is Israel. Mr. Romney has traveled to Israel to improve his image to the Jewish people which he hopes will translate into votes for his election. That is politics however any aspiring candidate to the Oval office has only a schtickel of information on the situation. There are ongoing nonpublic communications and efforts underway all the time. Everything that is done cannot be made public because the participants of these talks have to look after their “interests”  (translates into their people). People do not react well to the information being discussed as our humanness sometimes works against us. Diplomats while sometimes not our favorite people have to face off daily with the other diplomats to design a plan that suits both sides even if the plan is  not perfect. The Palestinian and Israel situation is just that, a situation. Situations can be resolved with effort but can be resolved. Both sides want what they want yet cannot have it without a fight. That fight involves other surrounding countries creating an underlying uneasiness. To make an observation: many of us may not remember the struggle to establish an Israeli state in the mid forties but that struggle was the culmination of thousands of years of a type of exile from their original homeland (Moses’ leading the people out of Egypt). During those years the Jewish people were in every country and prospering as small groups. Even these small groups were tormented and detested primarily for being Jewish. These abuses became evident in Hitlers reign of terror as we all know and have read about. This fight for Israel has undertones with the “darker Jews” who are shouldering an additional burden of skin color. What the issue appears to be in the Palestinian-Israel issue is how much land should be ceded to the Palestinians, essentially where will the borders be? We all as humans want what we want and often will not understand that we can live with less and still be happy. This is not to make light of a serious situation  when dealing with a group that  has had to fight for freedom and the right to exist. I totally object to politicians using a tense diplomatic case  to garner votes and essentially this is what Mr. Romney’s campaign is doing. As an aside  consider the several religious sects that are also fighting for survival in other countries in the region against repressive regimes, this also  colors the Israeli-Palestinian situation

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