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Politics is not only a dirty business , it is also a political con man’s paradise. The Governors recent blurb on “Gun Control” (should be Firearms) served as no more than a pre election salvo. The issue of assault weapon and high capacity magazines is a page out of the playbook of Chicago and new York mayors. All of these guys have protectors (body guards) who no doubt have high capacity magazines in the weapons they carry and probably have “assault” weapons in their vehicles. These political pimps have no more sense than to insult the intelligence of their constituencies with half truths and whole lies about issues that have their basis in extreme cases of “firearm” misuse and abuse. The Colorado tragedy is just that a tragedy that came at the hands of a mentally unstable person who in his  instability was able to rationally and legally obtain these Firearms and ammunition by following the law. The issue is more about determining the mental stability of a potential Firearm purchaser and owner. This what needs to be addressed and even then it will not be perfect. We have used  much airtime and printed matter to cover this debate yet no good solution has been found primarily due to the political “con”.

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