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Another Firearm incident has occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The gunman was a non-member of this Sikh temple . What will eventually come out is another possibly deranged individual who hates everyone and everything. He  attacked this place of worship and community  meeting for a yet unknown reason. Did he not like the people, their method of worship or perhaps their skin color? Are we experiencing  a rash of copy cats or people experiencing the “straw that broke the camel’s back” due to the condition of the economy, job loss or some other triggering factor? In Illinois the Governor is proposing a ban on assault weapons, large capacity magazines, large caliber ammo and certain quick firing shotguns. These proposals while seemingly reasonable have nothing to do with a determined unstable person obtaining what they need to complete their agenda on perceived enemies. These unstable folks have legally obtained what they need to do these deeds but do not overlook the possibility of these individuals contacting illegal sources for their needs. We have politicians who have no need for any weapons  since they have protective units at all times yet want to deny the public the ability to protect themselves (legally). I would suggest that the Political factions who are anti firearm pay attention to what is real as opposed to what is perceived and don’t drink the water!

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