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Our Congress has become a 500 plus group of neer do wells who  exist under the auspices of  the American people. These  so called representatives have spent more time being media darlings than doing the actual work they were elected to do. These Scamocrats and Dupublicans barely take time to read the proposed bills let alone pass anything of consequence. They have made an art of  extending the passage of necessary bills into law that should, could or perhaps maybe benefit their constituents. The victims are the people of America who voted them in. They and their party’s have managed to polarize the public in a divide and conquer action that benefits their agenda, not the people who elected them. The Congress has used every devious means available to keep their jobs on the backs of the people. The people who have suffered the most are the most prone to be swayed by their misinformation and often lies. The pundits who are no more than pawns in this chess game are  complicit as any abettors in a criminal enterprise. It is incumbent on the people to remove these seat fillers and demand better representation with term limits that will eliminate the ongoing theft from the American people.

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