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The seemingly ongoing attacks on NATO and American trainers in Afghanistan has reached proportions that would indicate we need to get out now. The police and Armed forces we have been training and working alongside have in essence turned against us. If this is the trend of things and the will of the Government then we need to pack up and leave. The amount of funding we are providing is better used here at home rather than somewhere we are not wanted. Understanding that the people of Afghanistan are as in the dark as we are regarding their government so the question is who do we really need to be connecting with? We certainly have our own issues with our Government but we have enough media coverage to allow for an informed idea of what our government is doing , or do we? In the past we have allowed our Government (the Congress) to do what they felt was best for us but now we should realize that they (the Congress) has fended for themselves not so much for us . At the same time they have managed to fool us into keeping them in office for terms that exceeded their usefulness. We are now in an extended war that has had us in a foreign country with a no win situation and jumping back and forth over borders fighting an unrecognizable enemy. We must remember or recognize that no war is waged without the Ok from Congress, no taxes are levied without Congress, no laws are enacted without Congress therefore our fiscal problems should be laid at the door of Congress lest we continue to wage unwinnable wars costing money that can be better used at home. No more Korea’s, Afghanistan’s or Vietnam’s lets take care of our selves for a change.

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