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In the interest of getting as much truth as possible out I am enclosing a link
to a fact checking of the “Obama movie. This has noting to do with whether you
like him, hate or whatever, just putting out information. It is also worthwhile
to read up on the producer (Dinesh D’Souza) of the movie who is a”naturalized” citizen who has
espoused some pretty radical views about his “adopted” country.

FACT CHECK: Anti-Obama film muddy on facts – Yahoo! News–politics.html
“2016: Obama’s America,” a new conservative film exploring the roots of President Barack Obama’s political views, took in $6.2 million to make it one of the highest-grossing movies of last weekend. The film, written and narrated by conservative scholar Dinesh D’Souza, argues that Obama was heavily influenced by what D’Souza calls the “anti-colonial” beliefs of his father, Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan academic who was largely absent from the president’s life.
Read the full story

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