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The latest movie  offered by a conservative republican is more fantasy than any Disney Movie. The producer is a “naturalized” U.S. citizen who through the good graces of his adopted country  has at this point outdone himself. Given the track record of Mr. Dinesh D’Souza this latest offering is absolutely ludicrous at best. The RNC  (if involved) should hide their heads in shame (of course that hasn’t happened  with all of the other outrages they have committed).To get a bit of background on Mr. D’Souza (who doesn’t have the grace to address the President with dignity). It is worthwhile to examine Mr. D’Souza’s background. The movie which has received much attention was fact checked and found to be more fantasy and innuendo than fact. Inserted below is the fact checking link. I have taken no sides but I maintain that anything issued that is not fact should not be published but then where would “yellow journalism be?”–politics.html

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