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Our ignorance is their strength this appears to be the mantra of the infamous “535”. Our “illustrious” Congressional representatives have brought the idea of  “serving” to a new low. Their veiled attempt at convincing us of their devotion to serving the country and their constituents is and should be as transparent as glass. The fiscal abyss the Nation is standing on is not the fault of this President or the ones before him. It primarily the making of the self serving 535 who so “proudly” we hail. The past 3 presidents have fought the same fights that the current one has fought since day one without  it being it Racial (until now). That makes me think our representatives truly do not represent us all. These seat fillers have made a business of  keeping us ignorant of what is really being done in our name and making us like it. When another  idea is proposed that would potentially  upset their “routine” then they spring into action to stop the action or derail the train (of change). 535 reasons to make changes is the directive given to the voters and has been the directive for the past 29 years. Recently several states have disenfranchised voters with laws that prohibit their ability to vote. The issues are ID’s that many have not had but are and have been registered voters for years. These laws unfortunately affect more non whites in some “Dupublican” strongholds. The leadership of both party’s have made a living  off of the ignorance of the voters and that ignorance is perpetrated by their agents and ally’s. It is our right to change Government beginning with the people who profess to represent us.

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