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Governor Jon Huntsman was a guest on The Colbert Report and  stated that the problem with the Republican party (and I believe Democrats also) is that the super pacs have too much influence in the electoral process and the people do not trust the Government at all, no matter who is in charge. His suggestion is as I have stated many times: term limits and no revolving door policies. The  current Presidential race is more about trashing the other guy than any real content . The basis for all of the speeches is the other guy’s failure. The truth is the failure is ours (the voters). We have not demanded better representation, we have not searched for the truth on our own and we have allowed ourselves to be swept up in slick commercials and fictional movies by so called intellectuals whose credibility is suspect. No matter who occupies the Oval office we need to focus on the people who we send to Congress and demand term limits, salary reviews and an end to revolving door public service.  This is only about Race if we allow it, what it really is about is the well being of the American citizens and the future of the economy. We need to keep in mind that this current economic downturn was heading our way years before the Bush and Obama administations yet our Congress did nothing. Where would you say we need to place the blame ?

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