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This election has made clear the idea that we as humans are persuaded by our need and desire for instant gratification. We reward ourselves by indulging in behavior that addresses that “I want it now!” itch. This  is the same urge at play in this election. While we appear to understand on some level that the fiscal issue and the economy did not just begin recently, we want it resolved at once. This was one of the issues in the last presidential campaign and is in the process of being addressed in spite of the Congress. If we can see beyond Race and our own unreasonable needs for immediate action we would understand that the 535 seat fillers have the biggest part in this problem. The Congress has allowed this event to come about by not saying no to big money and big companies that make big donations. These companies and individuals have only their own interests in mind and have slavishly pursued that goal. There are several of these companies that provide well known brands of products to us daily and can be hurt if we abstain from buying those products. The Congress has no incentive to serve us because we have allowed them to pull the political wool over our eyes for decades and they have not been held accountable for it. We now want to blame the President because the recovery has not happened as quickly as WE want it to. This should be not a matter of Race, it is a matter of failure on our behalf for not holding the Congress accountable and not exercising good judgement in voting for them. Every person who becomes a candidate for any elected office asserts their way is the best yet many have failed and we have still kept them in office once they arrive. This should not be a personality contest, it should be a contest of what is possible with the help of the sitting Congress or legislature as they have a lot to do with what is accomplished or not. Any politician can say what they plan to do before being elected but the realities are different behind the door of that office. If for once an office holder told the whole truth it would be a modern day miracle. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel but only if we look beyond the rhetoric and our own need for having it now!

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