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In the last several months of this election season I have heard, read and seen a lot more uninformed blather  coming from the Republican side. The current campaign has painted The president as the killer of the coal industry but the reality is that the coal companies are the real reason for the downturn in coal production. The companies recognize that the coal seams are farther down and harder to reach which costs more money in time and equipment. To maintain some profitability, they have closed some under producing mines and therefore laid some folks off. These layoffs no doubt hurt the individuals and communities but there are  alternative jobs available at the same pay scale, many at a lesser rate and sometimes no jobs at all. The Republican party shored up financially by some of the wealthiest industry leaders has attempted to paint the President as the reason and fomenting a Racial bias which has nothing to do with the loss of work. We will always have Racism in some form but to stir that pot for political gain in order to line their pockets while continuing the monetary rape of the American public is unconscionable. We have many organizations spending millions to put the contender in office so they can carry out their nefarious work unencumbered. Consider what  the millions of dollars spent on electing “their guy” could do for the economy if used to create jobs. To that end they have usurped the power of the people to read and think for themselves by playing on their basic distrust of one another. This is America and its time we ALL acted like Americans no matter the religious beliefs or skin color neither of which dictates a person’s character.

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