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The recent coverage of the lack of minority  participation in the bid process to construct a new school in Springfield, IL appears to be business as usual. The minority contractors have long been shut out of building projects as workers and sub contractors in the Capital city. This has nothing to do with reparation or affirmative action it just has to with apparent exclusion. With all of the rhetoric from the city and the state  there still exists the tacit exclusion of minorities in many areas of construction and the bid process. I am sure there will be rebuttals if this is printed but no matter what is said in rebuttal, I say ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. The past actions in hiring and bidding in  Springfield has always been suspect but now it seems that hiding the facts is no longer an option and has arrived center stage with a “so what” attitude. The current administration seems to be as inept as the last one with the added twist of  conducting business as usual.

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