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The recent vacating of Lance Armstrong’s tour victories is at once disturbing and not completely understood. Why after all of this time did many participants emerge to supposedly confirm the extensive doping?  There still has been any definitive information on this yet the oversight agencies have leapt into the fray and made decisions that affect more than just the riders. I believe that the French have been upset that an American won the tour so many times. They (the French agency) has been crying foul since the beginning. If it is definitively proven that Mr. Armstrong doped then put it out there and I would accept it but this stripping. The evidence is based more on hearsay and seemingly baseless information than fact. In the process of pursuing the allegations the USADA has effectively hurt American cycling and the charity Mr. Armstrong founded. If there is positive proof , I say put it out there and not use the words of supposed co-dopers who were not initially charged at all.

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