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The recent weather disaster should give pause to folks who are considering voting for Mr. Romney. Under the guise of  suspending the politricking, he asked for food donations at his rally, this is to be distributed in the communities affected by the adverse weather. The real President suspended his election activities to do what Presidents do, guide and watch over the weather related problems. Any person who is on the fence should see that we already have a President who is doing the work  that is required up to and including the so called “OBamacare”. The health plan is named “The Affordable Health Care Act” and has afforded healthcare for millions of folks already. If Mr. Romney prevails all of that will be lost and the country’s health care will be in shambles. There are now people who are judging the actions of the President in this problem as politics but what should he have done? Remember Katrina?, its aftermath is still in evidence in the areas affected. I consider myself an independent voter but I spend a lot of time reading several papers and poring over  many websites to glean middle line information and facts yet I sometimes miss items. Consider what information the people who do not search for truth are getting and acting on. These are the folks that lean toward or are behind Mr. Romney. It does not matter to me who people vote for as long as they have done their due diligence in determining the facts.

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