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Does anyone remember Dan Quayle? Will anyone remember Paul Ryan? These two gentlemen have something in common except Mr.  Quayle made to the white House and Mr. Ryan hasn’t yet. Mr. Ryan’s ideas are a bit off-center (hard to tell which way). His proposals for fiscal change will result in bigger problems than we have now but the extreme conservatives of all sorts are for it no matter how it affects the famous 47%.  I believe it is better to go with a known quantity than an unknown at this point. The economy no matter how slow, is growing yet the aspirants to the White House are inserting the auto companies into the fray with incorrect information and allegations. The auto company’s have answered with the truth so who do we want leading us, some with a poor to non existent grasp of the situation or some one who has put us on a path to fiscal health? it is important to understand that even after Mr. Obama’s second term there will still be some uphill climbing to be done, lets hope the next office holder continues forward.

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