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The current debate on the fiscal cliff is at once confusing and practical. the confusion is the bottom limit on higher income folks and small business people are always mentioned. Unless I am mistaken, small business people do not necessarily personally make 250,000 dollars annually. Their business could generate that amount but after taxes, payroll and expenses it is no longer 250,000 dollars. My question is: how is the 250,000 dollar amount determined? The parties both throw out this number but no specific details ever follow.  The Dupublicans have thrown this figure out but only to garner support against the tax increase but in reality many small businesses will not be affected. The Scamocrats insist that this will not affect small businesses. Which is correct? This issue as far as I am concerned needs to be resolved in camera and not in the media. These daily reports serve only to confuse and infuriate the public. There are many offerings  from  well known third-party people and high profile business people but none of these have any effect on the problem. What if all of these ideas were to come together, could we devise a long term solution to the problem? Are we heading into 4 years of business as usual? Our political system has been broken for a long time and the party method is as obsolete as carbon paper. The party’s have firmly entrenched their beliefs in some draconian ways that do not relate to the modern world. It is fine to have a general party line but these “modern” planks are more self-centered and politically stagnant. If we as voters and citizens would dismiss our “party” sense we could then look at the overall effect of this “hardlinerism” and begin to remove these long term sitters to improve the “Congressional” blood lines.

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